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27 Apr 21:30


Oskar Hudyka – vocals
Damian Skóra – guitar
Miłosz Skwirut – bass
Konrad Hajduk – keys
Mateusz Karoń – drums
Tomasz Drabik – alto saxophone
Marek Wajdzik – trumpet

*tickets: 20 pln


Magic Juice plays disco funk and they play it for you baby. We’re going for a long ride so let’s get to know each other, we’re MJ, come closer. And now listen – what’s that? Is that your breast bouncing? Don’t worry, this is how disco-funk works. They knew it back in the 70’s and 80’s and we know it too. We don’t use this knowledge to practice evil though. With MJ you’re not gonna wander into a techno club, go-go club or a chess club. With MJ you’re not gonna end up drunk in the house of that slimy guy who cannot even dance. MJ doesn’t ask, MJ doesn’t judge. MJ gives you disco-funk and this music works only when you work it. This is why when we play – you dance. Only then gears squeezing the magic juice will move.

The band has been created as a result of guitarists’ Damian Skóra deep desire to keep the disco-funk alive. Onboard, sailing towards dancefloors are 8 guys. Oskar Hudyka – singer, retro cars apasionado, car mechanic. Brass section – Tomasz Drabik (alto), and Marek Wajdzik (trumpet), keys – Konrad Hajduk, bass – Miłosz Skwirut, also known as Tesla, a big fan of talking. Mateusz Karoń is hitting the drum, if you know what I mean. Together they create an ensemble with and important mission to fulfill which is popularizing a music genre that, according to independent studies in several research units, has been named the most awesome ever hitting 10 on a 10-point scale of awesomeness created by a French scientist Jacques Dancefleure.


27 Apr