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About us


There is a club in Cracow different than any other…

It’s a place where your dreams about perfect music, excellent service, friendly and amazing people and climatic interior come true. The Harris Piano Jazz Bar can offer all of the elements mentioned. It is the only club in Poland and the second club in Europe, where there are authorial jazz concerts every day. Rynek Główny 28 is the address which has become a considerable location in Cracow’s cultural events calendar. It is a unique place, where you can listen to a great music drinking a delicious beverages, an aromatic beer or savoring the taste of a stronger drink. Everyone will find something special there, as Harris Club prefers all kinds of jazz – from classics to new age. That diversity is crucial since, thanks to it, is possible to satisfy even the most demanding music lovers.

The Harris Piano Jazz Bar has a long and colorful history. It has existed since 1997. From the very beginning the club has been passionate about jazz music and concerts where the audience can have a direct contact with the musicians and they can actively participate in the concert thanks to so called jam sessions. The Harris Club offers corporate concerts almost every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The concerts are called jam sessions, fusion sessions, Latin jam sessions, funky and soul. On Tuesdays and Sundays you can listen to the classic jazz, and on Fridays you can hear blues and rock’n’roll. Every Saturday the Harris Club invites a new Polish or foreign artist who is well-known for the jazz music lovers. The artists however do not play jazz only. That is because the club is opened to every kind of good music. That music has to have something that will make people come back to the club for more and more music. That is why the jazz folk music from all over the world is very welcome in the Harris Club, as it synthesizes all of the most beautiful elements of music sounds – northern melancholy, southern temper, eastern yearning and attachment to history and western ease.

The Harris Club is proud of hosting outstanding celebrities, such as: Art Farmer (tp.), Garry Bartz (saxophone), Mike Stern (guitar), Roberto Flaming (percussion), Idris Muhammad (drums), Andy McKee (bass), Karen Edwards (vocal), Xenia Kriisin (vocal), Jorgos Skolias (vocal), Jose Torres (percussion), Michał Urbaniak (violin), Jarosław Śmietana (guitar), Tomasz Szukalski (saxophone), Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski (saxophone), Krzysztof Ścierański (bass), Dominik Bieńczycki (violin), Marek Bałata (vocal), Marek Michalak (tp.), Paweł Mąciwoda (bass), Tadeusz Leśniak (piano), Ryszard Krawczuk (saxophone), Robert Lubera (vocal, guitar), Norbert Pajek (guitar), Filip Mozul (percussion). It is crucial to mention also the bands: Jazz Band Ball Orchestra, Funk De Nite, Jarosław Śmietana Trio, New Bone, Que Passa, Energy Drink, Nie-Bo, Cracov Suffering Band, Layatharanga, Frank Morey and his Band, Old metropolita Band, Karuzela Group, The Globetrotters, Joint Ventures Band, Muariolanza. There is too little space to mention all of the artist, whose appearance in the Harris Club made it an amazing place of an exceptional energy.

Beyond organizing concerts the club also hosts various cultural events, such as photography exhibitions (also jazz), books and CDs promotion, jazz workshops and of course smaller and bigger Cracow jazz festivals. At the Harris Bar you can buy the CD of almost every band or artist which has played a concert in the club. A cosy underground consists of three rooms. It is the first and the biggest where the stage is. The second room is more quiet and ideal for chatting as well as watching and listening to concerts on a plasma TV. In the last and the smallest room there is one of the longest counters in Cracow. The counter altogether with the interior decoration were custom made by the artist Krzysztof Ludwin.

A wonderful music, good fun, professional service and coloristic, slightly illuminated interior make the Harris Piano Jazz Bar is a special, extraordinary and original place. All of the elements are appreciated by our regular customers, listeners and artists of all kinds. Here is the place where you can come across famous people – musicians and those who love music in any aspect. Come and see!

More than welcome,
Harris Piano Jazz Bar Crew.