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D.O.V.E. (IT)

22 Lut 21:30

30PLN - 35PLN

Giovanni Perin – wibrafon
Giulio Campagnolo – organy Hammonda
Andrea Davì – perkusja

*wstęp: 30/35 pln

D.O.V.E. (Drums, Organ,Vibes Ensemble) is one of the most innovative groups in the contemporary jazz thanks to the sought-after mix of three unique instruments, vibraphone, Hammond organ and drums, which have never performed together in the European music scene. The trio plays music ranging from the energetic and funky to the most sophisticated hard-bop, and they also feature refined, original compositions and innovative arrangements of a number of beautiful masterpieces taken from the American songbook.

Their first work entitled “Where Are You?” (Statale 11, 2017) is a concept album released exclusively on vinyl and digitally with a very special graphic work: the disc is a musical board game and the players are the group’s instruments.

The vinyl is sold together with a dice. The second album called “Here We Are” (Cat Sound Record, 2019) has also an interactive graphic: on the front there’s a dot to dot game and , on the back, we found a crossword game about jazz music.


22 Lut
30PLN - 35PLN